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The Network for the Coordinated Cooperation between Jena's Scientific Stakeholders with Partners from the City, Economy and Culture. 

Hello there!

Welcome to the JenaVersum. We believe that there is only one way to make science excellent, business innovative, and communities thrive. To do it together.
In our city of Jena, togetherness is key. Researchers from the University of Jena, from non-university research institutes and from industry have laid the foundation for a Cluster of Excellence. Now, we want to take our joint efforts to the next level. 


Stay up to date with us. 
So you can learn about JenaVersum's future home in the new communication hub of the Friedrich Schiller University, for instance. Or the many ways Jena's research institutes are engaged in dealing with the corona pandemic.

We love exchange and cooperation!

If you would like to know more about the JenaVersum and explore the possibilities of cooperation and joint projects, don't be a stranger. Get in touch and say hello. Let's do something amazing together.

We'd like to thank the Carl-Zeiss-Foundation and the German Research Foundation for their support.


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