About us

With the JenaVersum, we aim to take regional collaborations to the next level. Now, what does that entail exactly? With our network activities we'd like to work more closely together in the field of:

  • international place branding
  • research projects and initiatives
  • regional development strategy
  • outreach activities
  • coordinated use of research infrastructure
  • leisure activites.

The Network 

Right now, the JenaVersum is in the process of being officially set up. However, the network is not new. Over the years, our regional research cooperations have been proven to be very successful. Now, Jena's scientific stakeholders have decided that it is time for these collaborations to be permanently supported, continually ignited, and further expanded.

We are proud of the excellent partners in the JenaVersum:

Non-university Research Institutes

Research-oriented Foundations


Municipal Partners

Business Partners

  • Are you a research-oriented business? Are you interested in getting to know us? Don't hesitate. Contact us.